Essay On Spank Children

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What is the proper way to discipline your child? Some people believe that spanking is not the right form of discipline, while others believe their children will benefit from being spanked. Some parents believe that their children will not learn by being spanked, and that spanking will cause the child to pull away from their families and have a bad relationship with their future children. Other parents believe that spanking is a good disciplinary tool, and that when spanking is administered properly, it will not negatively affect the child. Spanking, if done under the correct circumstances, is right. One reason some people do not spank their children is because they believe that their children will not learn from it. A study was done at the University of Texas at Austin to determine whether spanking children had any effect on their behavior. The study was only on the effects of spanking. According to Elizabeth Gershoff, a professor of human development and family sciences at the University of Texas at Austin, spanking children is not related to long-term compliance (Phillips). Compliance is the main goal of parents when disciplining their children. The child may stop the bad behavior right after being spanked, but it will not prohibit them from doing it again. Since this test shows that the children do not learn from being spanked, most people would believe that spanking is not an effective way to discipline their children. Since only spanking was studied, there was no

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