The Negative Effects of Marketing on Children Essay

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The question of morality doesn’t exist in the marketing field. Marketing firms are willing to do anything for an increase in profit, even if it means to sell to young children. Before, only a limited amount of American companies directed their marketing at children. Unfortunately, today children’s get targeted by phone companies, oil companies, automobile companies, and brand name clothes. Even though advertisement is a contributing factor for economic growth, but advertisement can also easily manipulate children to purchase products that can affect their life/health. The author Eric Schlosser wrote an article titled “Kid Kustomers”. The main purpose of this article was to inform the readers about how advertisements are aiming towards …show more content…

Researchers demonstrated that branding has an effect on young children’s preference of food. Young kids think that anything from McDonald taste better. For example, if two kids were given the same food, but one was wrapped in McDonald bag, then that automatically taste better than the other. Obesity is not the only health issue linked to the food industry. Children not only suffer from obesity, but also from body-image, emotional problems, eating disorders, and tendencies toward violence. For instance, the Pepsi commercials with Britney Spears provoke young children to think that they need to look thin and pretty to appear as beautiful. One of the main goals of marketing is to make you to feel special, like the product is just for you. For instance, I remember when I had severe acne on my face, and they use to advertise proactive all the time, I felt like I found the solution to my problem. My friend was using proactive at that time, and she told me it was bogus. For decades the media is manipulating our youth to think that they need to be thin, pretty, and wear designer clothes to fit in with today’s society. These TV ads are portraying images of beautiful models, and young children feel the need to imitate the style. As a consequence, young kids are suffering from anorexia and bulimia. These children are striving to attain societies unattainable. I’ve always pondered over why the marketers never advertised average sized models in commercials and

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