Food Marketing Towards Children Essay

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This paper will particularly focus on the food industry and will outline the ethical issue of food marketing towards children by reviewing the existing marketing ethics literature. The paper will evaluate the ethical responsibilities of marketing managers towards the issue of food marketing towards children and its impact. The paper will also explore and propose how managers of marketing can change their strategies to improve the ethical performance of the company by analyzing theories such as business ethics, social marketing and corporate social responsibility (CSR). It will discuss various theoretical approaches to marketing.


What is ethics in marketing? It is widely considered as a very broad and misconcepted topic of discussion. However the underlying theme of business ethics in general is the link between making profit for the company and for the company to be aware of the effect on many areas of society of their marketing strategies. To be considered ethical, a business must develop morally sound strategies and work toward integrating a moral system into their companies from management to employees. Marketing towards children is a widely discussed and debated topic. Clay (2000) refers to the fact marketing can make a large profits for companies but from a psychological standpoint it affects the way children view themselves and the world around them, and even their view on their own future. For example, psychologists at Berkeley found that in

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