The Negative Impact Of High School Sports On Students

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School sports can bring joy and happiness to many people, but it can affect students learning abilities and cause problems. According to many studies, after a few schools expelled sports, much more kids were succeeding. Therefore, schools should suspend sports so teachers can have extra money for academics, more students will pass their classes, and America can have better graduation rates.

Schools are going in debt from focusing their money on sports, but without them teachers will have a better salary that they can use for students learning. According to Superintendent Ernest Singleton of Premont Independent School District, once he decided to get rid of all sports, he realized they saved $150,000 in one year (Ripley 11). More specifically, it cost half a million dollars for new bleachers, a grass field can cost $20,000, and schools have to pay for the buses and hotels on trips (Ripley 11). This shows that it would be helpful for everyone if there were no sports, teachers would have way more money for their classes, and students would benefit from their educator giving them better learning tools. This is important information for schools that are low on money because of sports
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In the article, it states that sports never come up in conversations about why the United States does not have good graduation rates, and the author said that, “Sports are embedded in American schools in a way they are not anywhere else in the world” (Ripley 10). More clearly, America is behind more than 20 countries in student graduation rates (Ripley 10). It stands to reason that if schools do not have sports, America will be able to surpass all the other countries ahead of us in graduating. This data is clear that, in order for students to graduate, schools might have to make a huge change on their
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