The Negative Impact Of Urbanization In Wildlife, Wildlife And Wildlife

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Rolando Mascareno
Professor Gary Pivo
GEOG 256
16 November 2017

Urbanization and Wildlife
Biodiversity, the abbreviation of biological diversity, is the set of all beings of the planet, the environment in which they live and the relationship they have with other species. It is composed of living organisms, as well as all ecosystems, and all the relationships they establish with each other and how living organisms can change from one place to another over time. As the human population and technology advances increase, more significant and widespread problems appeared. The rapid technological advance and urbanization produced after the Middle Ages culminated in the industrial revolution, which brought with it the discovery, use and …show more content…

Another effect of urbanization towards wildlife, as stated by Pivo, is habitat fragmentation. This means the creation of isolated patches or islands. The risk of extinction from catastrophic disturbances increases as well as the edge effect. According to the readings, the edge effect affects the natural core interior and larger patches help to reduce this effect. Sarah Friedl who is a biologists say that “when habitats become fragmented, their edges often become more abrupt and transition less smoothly than they would naturally” (Friedl, 2013). Also, repopulation and dispersal are reduced by habitat fragmentation. The leading causes of habitat fragmentation are parking lots, roads and house buildings, which are all created by urbanization.
Wildlife is also affected by urbanization because it alters ecological processes with fire suppression and flood control. As described in Pivo’s powerpoint if these processes are affected the flora and fauna can be altered. With urbanization, many water streams are lost or significantly altered, as a result of channelization (Meyer and Wallace 2001). Channelization is the modification of channels to provide flood protection with the goal of moving floodwater more quickly downstream. This has long-term consequences like contamination and decreased species richness. Piping is also a major cause of altering ecological processes and it refers to the construction of pipelines.
. Also, urbanization causes predation effects since it

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