The Negative Use Of Social Media

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Social networking is a huge part of our lives today. Today, 2.8 billion people use it worldwide, meaning that over one third of the population uses social media in some way to communicate. Whether it's through facebook, twitter, Instagram or any other of the hundreds of sites used to communicate (Willis, 2017). Although social networking has grown exponentially, our society is not better off with social media today because it has prevented us from developing the required social skills. Social media has helped in the abundance of cyberbullying and, it affects our mental health.

The widespread use of social media in our society is preventing people from developing effective social skills that they require. A study was done by the online casino, Yazino, that found that 1 in 4 people spent more time socializing online via Facebook, Twitter etc, then they did face to face. As more generations are growing up with social media, they are more likely to favour communication over social media than in person. This shift may affect how we develop our social interactive skills based on the fact that we are not communicating as much face to face (Fowlkes, 2012). The same casino also did a study that found that 11 percent of adults prefer to stay home and communicate through social media instead of seeing and communicating with people in person. If people do not socialize in person, they will lose their communication skills which will make their lives very difficult. Communication is required in doing face to face interviews, and it's also is very important if you are applying for a job (Fowlkes, 2012). Keller-Fay’s TalkTrack did a research study and found that when we are communicating offline in person, 90 percent of the influential conversation happen in that time and only 8 percent happen when we are online communicating. Although some people like using social media to have 24-hour communication, you most likely aren't having an in-depth conversation, and learning from them, as you would when talking face to face (Fowlkes, 2012). With the use of social media being used, more and more people are either not developing or losing their social skills.

The use of social media in our society has caused an
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