The New Kingdom : An Era Of Imperial Expansion

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period also reflects the change in outlook upon the Pharaoh as there were many manuscripts on how to rule properly, or to defend Egypt properly from the “scary’ outside world. The New Kingdom marks a stark change in view of the outside world. Egyptians begin to become influenced by the other civilizations and enter an era of Imperial expansion. Constant warfare changed Egyptian society leading to greater disparities of wealth and the creation of a strong military class. New wealth was acquired through warfare and the acquisition of lands. However, lots of spending on war and the military, and spending on extravagance by the Pharaohs led to the downfall of the New kingdom. Religion underwent some changes during the New Kingdom, especially …show more content…

Women also came to power in the New Kingdom. Hatshepsut came to power during this time, and although her nephew tried to remove her from history, her reign is well known as she was the most prominent women in Egypt. However, even though she was a women, she was just as warrior like as the other Kings and led many successful military campaigns of her own. As strength was probably the most important value of the New Kingdom of Egypt. Another of the ancient civilizations is Greece. Greece was divided into many city states each which valued different cultures. One of the prominent city states was Athens. Athens has a very unique culture from the rest from the Greeks. They valued intellect, religion and community rather than brutality. As told by Pericles, a king of Athens, the Athenians were very active and proud of their democracy, and a “man who takes no interest in politics… lead[s] not a quiet life, but a useless one,” (The Peloponnesian Wars). This shows that the Athenians valued being active in politics fulfilling the obligation to participate in one’s state. The Greeks also valued strength and courage. The Spartans were the poster child for this value. Every one in Spartan culture was strong and athletic. Even the women were expected to fill the sense of duty to Sparta. “Here is courage, mankind’s finest possession, here is the noblest prize that a young man can endeavor to win.” (Spartan Society and Values). The Greeks often looked

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