The New Right By Ronald Reagan

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In the mid to late 1900s, the development and rise of the New Right sparked a new era in American life. The New Right was a political conservative group that criticized the liberalism of the Great Society as well as the conservative activists that had any association with the sexual revolution and with feminism.The success of the New Right depended on considering both the interests of both moral and economic conservatives. The alliance, of the New Right, shifted from supporting Barry Goldwater to Ronald Reagan, because of this not only were right-wing Americans able to develop a conservative movement in the United states, but also allowed for Reagan be elected president in the 1980s. Ronald Reagan became a New Right hero. Reagan publicly supported fewer government regulations, free-market economics and lower taxes. Ronald Reagan 's tax cuts would in the end result in a tax increase.Although supported by the New Right, Reagan more often found himself rejecting the Christian Right. Regan regularly dismayed them by not pursuing their interests, on topics such as religious prayer and participation in public schools and the subject of abortion, enough as the Christian Right had wished. In the early 1980s, Reagan created a massive military buildup in the United States. Because of the military buildup, the Soviet Union was forced to follow suit. The Soviet Union however, experienced struggles with keeping up with the U.S. buildup due to its already struggling economy.…

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