The New Tools Used For Cure

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New discoveries and advances in technology revolutionize the ways illnesses are cured and treated leads to a change in the cure, delivery system, and training of medicine. The new tools used for cure, known as pharmaceuticals, gave birth to a booming new industry. Today, the issue with chronic illnesses like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes is that they only get worse. Using a quick fix up with medicine creates more side effects that can even cause a whole new illness, or possibly a drug related death. People want faster results on acute conditions. The time constraints fuel increases in pharmaceutical medicine even more.
Rather than preventing illnesses people want a miracle pill to help cure everything they have, which blinds the benefits of prevention. The diet and lifestyle of the average American is fueling an array of diseases. People often expect that our body will function properly without enough sleep or vitamins and minerals. From the daily stress at work, consuming processed foods, and the lack of exercise, we are destroying our bodies. A person may have a headache before an important meeting. They decide to take medications to reduce the headache, and maybe some more throughout the day to get them through. Pills only synthetically enhance or suppress body functions to speed the recovery process. Drugs are nothing but “toxins that put a burden on our immune system” (Kornfeld). In a report by the U. S Food and Drug Administration, they “found no

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