The New Vice President

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INTRODUCTION Case 13 : The New Vice President Jennifer Treeholm, the former Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs was appointed interim Vice President for a 3 year term at Mid-West University by the newly appointed President of said University. After the interim, the President reluctantly appointed her the role of Vice President of the University. Jennifer has devoted her entire career to Mid-West U. She was initially hired as an Introductory History instructor. While teaching history, she earned her PH.D and was appointed Assistant Professor and as time progressed she was promoted to Associate Professor due to her popularity and excellent teaching ability. Over time, she would become actively involved in various activities…show more content…
They pay attention to the needs of their subordinates and strive to satisfy those needs (Powell, 1990). They seek to develop the ability of their followers and build their self-confidence (Powell, 1990). They create comfortable, friendly organization atmosphere and make their staff feel at ease. This type of leadership normally resulted in higher employee satisfaction and fewer personnel problems in most of the situations and context. People-oriented leadership is totally focused on organizing, supporting, and developing the people on their teams. This is a participatory style and tends to encourage good teamwork and creative collaboration. People-oriented leaders treat everyone on the team equally. They're friendly and approachable, they pay attention to the welfare of everyone in the group, and they make themselves available whenever team members need help or advice. Q 3: What are her strengths? Her weaknesses? What is the basis for your assessment? Strength: Popularity and seniority are the major strengths for Jennifer. She was well liked by others and knew everyone and everything about the campus. As she been building up her teaching experience only with Mid-West U. Therefore, she had maintained her own followers – friends & existing Mid-West U staff, who support and recognized her. Besides, many faculty leaders and former administrators will also
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