The New York Classical Players

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Beethoven Encounters paper On Saturday December 5, 2015 I went to the New York Public Library Center for the Preforming Arts at Lincoln Center to view the performance called “Beethoven Encounters”. The show was free and it was in the Bruno Walter Auditorium. The pieces being performed were “String Quartet Opus 18 no. 5” all four movements. This was followed by “String Quartet Opus 18 no. 1” all four movements of this. Which was then finished with “String Quartet Opus 18 no. 4” with all four movements again. The show began at 2:30 in the afternoon and went on for about an hour or so. The group presenting were the “The New York Classical Players”. This group is a quartet. All four members are highly trained classical violinists who have all preformed multiple times in the past with “The New York Classical Players”. The lead violinist was David Southorn who is the second most well trained person in this group. Danbi Um, the second violinist, is an Israeli violinist who mostly does solo work but she also is an extremely well experienced violinist. She has performed in both America and Israel doing shows in concert halls as well as on local television. The third, and most experienced violinist is Wei-Yang Andy Lin. He is a Taiwanese violinist who has been the teacher of at least one other member of this group. That member was David Southorn. Mister Lin is currently a faculty member at the Chinese Cultural Arts Institute in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The last member of the

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