The New Zealand Positive Aging Strategy Essay

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The New Zealand positive aging strategy promotes the participation of older adults in communities. The government believes that the older adults have a greater opportunities to provide to the society with their valued knowledge and skills. Since the older adults need their dignity and respect in the society, it is important to the government as due to the growing rate of the older adults is increasing. (“New Zealand Positive Aging Strategy”, 2001). This report in detail will provide the theme of the policy and also to provide the background of the policy made by the government and also for the reason for its development. It will also identify the issues affecting the policy and also compares with other another country discussing about the theme of their policy for the older adults. The life expectancy data is also compared to identity the factors that influence the positive aging for older adults and also for the policy in the chosen country. The aim of the policy is to provide the opportunities for older people to participate in the community of their choosing. This policy was created to identify the barriers for the older adults participation and to work collectively from all other sectors to provide a balance of needs between the older and the younger generations in the future. . (“New Zealand Positive Aging Strategy”, 2001). According to the positive ageing reference group which consist of community representatives who are appointed by the Minister for senior citizens

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