The Next Graph Is Displayed In Figure 3 And Appears To

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The next graph is displayed in Figure 3 and appears to be a double bar graph with the title “Afghanistan Population Pyramid.” From this picture, the author is attempting to identify the percentage of males versus females for specific age groups in Afghanistan. By using this graph the author appears to understand how to use visuals, but is not quite perfect yet. The concept is there, but the x-axis is a percentage versus an actual number which is not appropriate for a bar graph. Although the blue does not look unappealing, it could technically be wrong for this graph. Locker and Kienzler (2014), blue can mean strong, trustworthy, authoritative, cold, depressing, or gloomy. A better color scheme for this graph would be pink for females and …show more content…

Therefore, the message is unclear because we have a wonderfully colored map where the meaning is not understood. The other thing that attributes to the confusion is the word subregion. This map is a view of the world separated by each country whereas a region would be better defined as a continent such as Europe or the general geographical area such as the Middle East. The colors make sense, but they could be improved. It can be assumed that the higher percentage in a specific area will be bad therefore a color that resembles a bad thing such as red might be better than orange. The strategy of using lighter colors for lower percentages is clever except for the dark blue in the 0.5-0.9% group. White was a great choice for the lowest grouping because of its meaning of empty or pure (Locker and Kienzler, 2014. According to Stengel, Calori, and Giannoudis (2008), this graph is almost graphically excellent because it lacks chart junk, but the smaller clusters are difficult to see in some cases and the data could be misleading. Once again we see the example of leaving data out from Misleading Graphs: Real Life Example’s (2014) since some geographical space is larger than others to include the number of people that live there. For example, the reader should expect Russia to have a higher percentage versus Cuba because of the

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