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“I expect I shall.” He said with a grin.
Sophia watched as he walked towards the dining room. His walk was unchanged with their encounter and she wondered how many other girls who talked to with such familiarity.
“I see you’ve made yourself an acquaintance.” Sophia’s mother said.
Sophia jumped at the sound of her mother’s voice. She had been lost in thought after her meeting with the duke.
“He seemed agreeable.” Sophia nodded with agreeance.
“Quite.” Her mother said with a stiff nod.
Sophia could already hear the buzz of conversation coming from the dining room and once she was sure that all the guests had arrived she headed for the room herself.
The door had been left ajar and Sophia could see the grand table that her father had …show more content…

“I should introduce myself properly.” The duke said. “My name is Edward Walters.”
“It’s a pleasure.” Sophia said at his introduction. “I’m Sophia, the youngest of the Roberts family.”
“You are the only daughter of the family?” Edward asked Sophia thoughtfully.
“I am.” Sophia said.
“So your mother will be looking to marry you with her full attention then?” Edward said.
Sophia could feel her cheeks burning, but it wasn’t because of embarrassment. She hated it when men assumed that she was in a hurry to marry. She hated the way they reacted whenever they found out that she was available. It was as though, they thought that the choice of marriage was purely up to them and that Sophia would of course say yes.
“I’m sure she is.” Sophia said finally. She tried to keep the bitterness out of her tone, but she could hear it seeping through into her words.
“But that doesn’t make you happy?” Edward said, as he watched her face carefully.
“I don’t think marriage and happiness are connected.” Sophia said with caution and truth.
“So if a duke was to ask for your hand that wouldn’t make you happy?” Edward asked with a bemused look on his face.
Sophia could see the look in his eyes. He was daring her to say that it wouldn’t, but he assumed that it would be a lie. He was just like all the other men that Sophia had met. He only cared about himself and what he would look like with Sophia on his arm, there was no room for

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