The Night - Original Writing

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“I expect I shall.” He said with a grin.
Sophia watched as he walked towards the dining room. His walk was unchanged with their encounter and she wondered how many other girls who talked to with such familiarity.
“I see you’ve made yourself an acquaintance.” Sophia’s mother said.
Sophia jumped at the sound of her mother’s voice. She had been lost in thought after her meeting with the duke.
“He seemed agreeable.” Sophia nodded with agreeance.
“Quite.” Her mother said with a stiff nod.
Sophia could already hear the buzz of conversation coming from the dining room and once she was sure that all the guests had arrived she headed for the room herself.
The door had been left ajar and Sophia could see the grand table that her father had bought many years before that night. It sat in the middle of the room over a heavy wool carpet and was surrounded by expensive ornaments and family portraits.
She walked into the room quietly and scanned the table for her seat. She could see only two seats, which hadn’t been filled and realized that her mother had already foreseen her daughter’s favorite suitor. Sophia walked slowly over to the seat that was next to the duke with brown honey eyes and sat down.
“Well fancy that.” He said, turning to face her.
“It would seem as though we have the pleasure of each other’s company.” Sophia said softly.
She avoided his eyes as she spoke, but she could feel his as they burned with intensity. She could feel her cheeks blushing from the heat…

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