The Night - Original Writing

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After a long restless night, Allie had a servant draw a hot bath for her just after daybreak. She stepped in, sat down, and then let her entire body slip beneath the water. She held her nose as she wet her copper locks and soaped her head. She intended to bring the shine back- she did not like the dull creature that stared back at her from the mirror the night before. The hot water was soothing; it felt good on her tired body. After washing, she lay there and let the warm water soak the tiredness from her muscles. She guessed all the tossing and turning she done that night had exhausted her and caused her body to ache. She also felt a little queasy, which was way out of the ordinary; she was never ill. After laying there a few minutes, she fell fast asleep. Sometime later, the coolness of the water woke her- after drying off and dressing, she checked the time- it was nearly 8a.m. in the morning. She could not believe she had slept so long in the tub of water, however, her wrinkled fingers and toes told that she had. Amazingly, she felt quite relaxed and refreshed, as if she had had a full night’s sleep. When she went down for breakfast, Eli was not yet down. Her grandmother and grandfather were eating when she walked into the dining room. She smiled at them and asked how they were. Her grandmother gave her a once over and then said: “Allie, honey, you look beautiful this morning.” “Thank you, Grandmother- so do you.” Ignoring her compliment, her grandmother said, “I thought

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