The Night - Original Writing

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I woke in a dreamlike state, temporarily wondering where I was, and then remembered. I reached for but did not find Louis on either side of me. A light quilt covered me, but I was definitely alone in the bed. Disappointed and wondering where Louis had gone, I sat up in bed to look around the room. The sun shining through the open doors suggested it was early afternoon.
Having worked up an appetite from our zealous lovemaking and then sleeping so soundly that I did not know when Louis the left room, I was starving; I was also a little angry. How dare he leave me alone in this strange place to fend for myself! I was about to get out of bed when the door opened and Vera entered ahead of Louis who had opened the door for her. I pulled …show more content…

Maybe I can tackle that tomorrow.”
“You will do fine, m’darling,” he said, as he came toward me. Louis kissed my lips gently and then returned to the tray. “I am famished!” he exclaimed, getting a plate and picking up several sandwiches, some fruit, cheese, and a small cake, which he brought to me in the bed.
“I can get up-”
“No need” he grinned, “We will be right back in there as soon as we finish eating.”
“Oh my, I don’t know that I can handle anymore,” I said truthfully, not believing anyone could.
“You’ll change your mind,” said Louis, raising his eyebrows several times and grinning at me - reminding me of our first one on one meeting when he had made me so mad at him with his caviler attitude. “We will have to leave this room eventually.”
“Who says so? Its our honeymoon; we are supposed to enjoy it- it is the time when us newlyweds are supposed to learn each others likes and dislikes, good habits and bad ones. We’re supposed to bond into one entity.” as he spoke, I am thinking, I do not know if I want anyone to know me that well…
“Look at you getting all maudlin, Louis Lafontaine” I smiled. “I want to be close, but I can tell you this right now, I will not be able to use that two-seater toilet down there with anyone, especially you. That is just too personal,” I blushed just thinking about it. In that moment, I realized I might have created more closeness than I intended, needed, or wanted with my new husband. It would be nearly impossible to hide anything

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