The Nineteen Sixties Riots: Disasters Waiting to Happen Essay

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The 1960s was a very turbulent time in American history. Cities across the country saw hundreds of incidents of racial violence. Various federal and state commissions were assembled to investigate the causes of these riots. Each individual riot had its own specific immediate precipitating incidents--"among them the Chicago riots of 1965 which erupted after a Negro woman was accidentally killed by a fire engine and the Daytona riots of 1966, which broke out after a Negro man was deliberately gunned down from a passing car" (Fogelson 217). Although race riots did occur, in part, because of the incidents, these were not the true causes. These events were only the catalyses that pushed people over the edge and caused them to go …show more content…

But soon after this federal law was passed, many states quickly issued laws to circumvent the new federal law. California, for instance, passed Proposition 14, which blocked the fair housing components of the Civil Rights ct. The actions of the California State government and various other state legislatures created a feeling of injustice among inner city residents. Just as the federal government took small steps toward racial equity, various states too giant leaps back.

In addition to social discrimination, most residents of these urban ghettos were also subjected to economic discrimination and deprivation. The unemployment rate in the ghettoes was much higher than in any other part of the country. Those who did work were usually blocked from doing anything but menial tasks and domestic work. Even those who were fortunate enough to find meaningful work were often paid much less than whites in similar positions. With only menial, low paying jobs available; most blacks had very poor hosing in terrible neighborhoods. With such poor living conditions in the ghetto, inadequate schools and poor employment opportunities, it is no wonder that residents found themselves frustrated and upset.

As racial if racial, social and economic injustice is not enough reason for protest, another factor need to be added into the mix. The civil rights movement and its doctrine of civil

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