The Noise Of A Sound Floor Insulation That Reduces Noise From Outside

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Many places are becoming urbanized; so to save space many people live together in one building like apartments or a duplex house. There can be lots of noises generated by activities such as walking from adjacent buildings. The noise impact on people’s quality of life goes beyond annoyance. It may affect psychological aspect of health as well.
There are several ways to eliminate this problem; one is to reduce sound by increasing the distance between the source and the receiver and the second is using noise barriers to reflect or absorb the sound. To effectively reduce internal noise transferred from the adjacent buildings and maintain the comfort of the resident, it is important to have adequate sound floor insulation. Sound insulation in a building reduces the sound pressure with respect to sound sources and receivers.
In this report, I will discuss the installation of a sound floor insulation that reduces noise from outside. Additionally, I examine effects and causes of the noise.
Most of information I used in this report was collected from the recent technical databases provided by Kansas State University Libraries. I have also gathered relevant information in academic journals.
This paper is organized into three main sections. First, Section 2 provides brief problem of the noise. Second, Section 3 discusses the way to reduce the noise from neighboring units by installing adequate sound insulation. Third, Section 4 summarizes my research findings in a

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