The Nomadic And Nomadic Groups

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The Beringians were a nomadic group. The nomadic tendencies made these groups of people travel to regions that was not discovered yet. This region would later be known as North America. According to Berkin et al. Miller, Cherny, Gormly, Egerton, and Woestman, three distinct groups were known to have become the first North Americans. Those groups were Paleo-Indians(30,000-40,000 B.C.E), Na-Dene (10,000-11,000 B.C.E), and the Eskimos. The purpose of the natives’ travels was a basic way of living. The natives were known as hunter-gatherers. According to Merriam-Webster, a hunter-gatherer is a way of life that consisted of fishing and hunting. This style of living continued once they reached the new land, however the others began to settle and learned how to farm. Hunter-gatherers are considered to also be nomadic. A nomad is someone or a group of people who travel consistently, only stopping at each place for a short amount of time ( The food source was the whole reason for their habits. The lifestyle was also used as a way to provide shelter and food for a tribe. Therefore, this was the only way of life that the natives knew of before discovering agriculture. The Beringians are considered to be the first humans to step foot onto America (Hanson 2014). The natives are the reason behind American history. It is documented proof that they, the natives, were the first people to step foot on American soil. Many people connected Christopher Colombus
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