The North American People

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The North American people are told from birth that all seven of us are like islands; there is us (North America), South America, Antarctica, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. We have no connection and no communication. Each of our islands consists of three classes. The SC (Superior Class), the TC (Traditional Class) and the GC (Ground Class). It was rumored that in the past we had no class separation, and the world was in chaos because of unorganization. A few individuals fought to get a system to help make the world a better place; we have been following this ‘magnificent’ system ever since. Those few took their place in the SC and built up a new way of life that we are taught, and follow everyday now. “The only thing you ever need to …show more content…

That day I had slipped out of bed in my all white silky nightgown, and I trekked slowly to my front door. No one ever knocked, and there was no doorbell, but every morning there was something. Some days it was a new computer; other days it was a notifier, a small screen that plays a message that is saved on the internet’s database after it does a facial and retinal scan. That day I had gotten a drive. The drive was probably the most low tech and oldest way of giving information that we still had. It was a small chip about the length and width of your pinky nail. It had a small speaker and microphone in it that would ask you for your name and your class, in order to verify that you were the right person. I grabbed the drive off my doorstep. The drive had projected loudly as soon as I had picked it up, “Please speak: full name and class.” I responded with, “Lexi Moore, Traditional.” The drive made the same annoying unlocking sound verifying that the drive was ready to use. My computer was the nicest and newest one you could possibly get. It was still really thick, a whole millimeter, but it ran perfectly. I took the drive to the computer; then I threw it to the top of the screen. The drive, almost like a magnet, flew to the insert section of the computer screen and downloaded itself onto my computer. Once the download was complete, about a second later, the drive vanished permanently into the screen. A pop-up of the normal security procedure

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