Should We Pull The Plug

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Should We Pull The Plug? Throughout life, individuals are faced with tasks and obstacles that must be overcome. These tasks might be quick and easy and some might be hard and take time to complete. As we have progressively moved into the future, individuals have come up with useful innovations that have helped our lives tremendously. Innovations such as technology have allowed us to access tools that we never could before. Nowadays, we are able to access a vast variety of information and knowledge with just a few clicks of a button. Technology has also improved our lives and it has made tasks and obstacles faster and easier to complete. It not only allows us to access a vast variety of information, it also provides opportunities and it enables us to strengthen relationships by keeping contact with old friends. This amazing innovation has also allowed us to move away from old school textbooks and slower forms of communication into a prosperous future full of opportunities and achievements. However, as technology has become such a huge part of our lives, we have learned to rely on it for too many things. Whether it’s using it for navigation, looking up different restaurants, …show more content…

Creativity has such an enormous impact on our lives that we don’t even realize. When we are problem solving or making a decision, creativity is the one thing that helps us. It allows us to grow, improve, produce and more importantly it allows us to choose the best course of action. Creativity also helps in divergent thinking in all aspects of life. Whether it is school, work, or an unfamiliar situation, knowing that you are able to create new solutions for tough situations is an advantage that will help you enormously. Technology has slowly pushed us away from using this skill as we no longer see the need to think create things on our

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