The Noun Security As Defined On Google

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Timara Garvin
Cassandra Allen
ENC 1101
20 April 2015
The noun security as defined on Google: “the state of feeling safe, stable, and free from fear or anxiety.”

When you step foot into a hotel you should be surrounded with the air of safety, from the smiles of your porter tothe smile at the check in point. “Why are these people smiling” you may ask. They are safe and are welcoming you into your new home away from home.
As soon as you have your key in hand, you have become a part of this safe haven.
However, this is not always the case, Identity theft has taken a rise within the hospitality industry. With all these new savey electronic devices that make life “easy” and at the same time exposes the holiday maker to a greater span of …show more content…

Security on a Hotel standpoint
Security provided by hotels may not be of the highest level due to every state or country having their Police departments rules and regulations, but accommodation establishments do however have their own security in place, be it at the door near a concierge desk and or at the back entrance. this not only aid the guests but also takes care of the staffing and for the property itself.
The times have changed, looking at airport check in procedures, one can easily self check in using their mobile phones or even self check in at designated stations for self check in. this decreases chances of any criminal activities that could put blame to the airport. if hotels had a similar system in place, the chances of having a credit card cloned become minimal.
Due to the increasing rate of the human population followed by the varying economical dips that cause unemployment, this will however affect the crime rate, so we are safe to say that no economy is completely safe. therefore trends in installing the latest and high tech security systems play an important role for any establishment that aims to lure their market by up selling their security status alongside their place of leisure.. (knowing that you are safe whilst on Holiday allows you to relax and feel free)

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