The Novel ' Wuthering Heights '

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Wuthering Heights is considered a classic piece of literature which means that it has withstood the test of time, proving its importance and relevance with readers throughout the years. The novel takes place in late seventeen hundred – mid eighteen hundred and is written in two parts: the first part is written about one generation, and the second part is written about the second generation. Throughout the novel there are three prominent concepts; love, betrayal, and revenge. The concept of love leads to the desire of revenge. Many of the characters have feelings of suffering and pain due to the concept of betrayal observed throughout the novel.

In the novel, “Wuthering Heights,” the concept of love is obvious and prominent throughout the …show more content…

After her marriage to Edgar, Catherine soon becomes so unhappy and she falls ill. Heathcliff believes Catherine’s death was self-inflicted through her behavior. The death of Heathcliff’s one true love leaves him devastated. After Catherine’s death, Heathcliff begs for Catherine’s spirit to remain on earth with him even if it means for her ghost to haunt him. Heathcliff cries “be with me always – take any form – drive me mad! […] I cannot live without my life! I cannot live without my soul!” (Bronte 169). This quote by Heathcliff demonstrates the intensity and desperation of his love for Catherine; he is willing to be haunted by her spirit rather than be without her.

Young Catherine, the daughter of Catherine and Edgar, has grown up not knowing about Wuthering Heights until one day when she is out wandering. Upon the discovery of the manor, she meets Hareton who is the son of Catherine’s brother, Hindley. Following the death of Heathcliff’s wife Isabella, Linton comes to live with his father at Wuthering Heights. Three years later, young Catherine returns to the manor for a visit where she meets Linton. A secret romance between the two starts shortly after meeting. As a result of the abuse from Heathcliff, Linton dies. Young Catherine and Hareton reunite and their love for each other grows strong.

Several characters betray each other throughout the novel. Two types of betrayal occur, the betrayal of

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