The Nuclear Power Industry Is Depleting And Falling Apart?

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The nuclear power industry is depleting and falling apart because of the rise of alternative energy sources that each claim they are the best source of sustainable energy. One of the most controversial topics in the environmental world gives way to debate. The nuclear industry is running out of business, and if nuclear energy the best source of energy for our society, these are the topics that will be assessed. Multiple novels such as Power to Save the World, The Truth about Nuclear Energy; Terrestrial Energy; Conserving the Environment will provide accurate statistics to be used as a basis for the arguments that are being presented within the research paper. The nuclear industry is slowly becoming extinct because alternative energy…show more content…
Nuclear power is being forced out of its own industry because of alternative energy sources such as wind power, hydrogen energy, solar power, tidal energy, geothermal energy, biomass energy, coal, oil, and natural gas. The overall reason to why these energy sources are forcing the nuclear energy out of business is because each of these alternative energy sources claim to be more efficient, more sustainable, and more environmentally friendly. There is an increased demand for alternative energy sources because of the rapid incline in climate change and the urge to suddenly have a true impact on our environment. This urge exists because in the past, many environmentally harmful products were mass produced and different energy sources were created, but they were harmful to the environment. “The social changes of the 1960s brought a new ecological awareness to American culture, galvanizing the environmental movement.” (“Conserving the Environment”) These harmful products and energy sources were used excessively and caused the earth to respond with climate change. Many people believe that there is a need to “catch up” and to make a true impact on our environment. Relating to these alternative energy sources, solar energy gets processed through solar panels which get powered by
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