The Nuclear Power Industry Is Depleting And Falling Apart?

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The nuclear power industry is depleting and falling apart because of the rise of alternative energy sources that each claim they are the best source of sustainable energy. One of the most controversial topics in the environmental world gives way to debate. The nuclear industry is running out of business, and if nuclear energy the best source of energy for our society, these are the topics that will be assessed. Multiple novels such as Power to Save the World, The Truth about Nuclear Energy; Terrestrial Energy; Conserving the Environment will provide accurate statistics to be used as a basis for the arguments that are being presented within the research paper. The nuclear industry is slowly becoming extinct because alternative energy sources are forcing the nuclear industry out. All of these alternative sources that their own positive and negative aspects. The nuclear industry has a way of providing energy, however, there are byproducts that are emitted during the process. The negative side to these alternative energy sources is that they all indirectly or directly produce carbon dioxide (CO2) or some other chemical that emitted into our atmosphere. There are many aspects to these issues that most people do not know about, bringing light to these issues will allow for the examination to come up with a definitive answer to this issue of energy production and power. The nuclear energy industry is being depleted because of solar energy, wind power, geothermal energy, natural

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