The Nursing And Midwifery Board Of Australia

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The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) plays an important governing role in the nursing profession and it has developed many guidelines and policies to ensure the better practices of registered nurses and nursing students undertaking their clinical practice within Australia. The Nurses guide to professional boundaries (2010) clarifies the professional boundaries that nurses working in Australia must be prepared to achieve to be the best nurse possible. The guide explains the need to see each care recipient based on their specific needs at the time and to maintain a professional distance in order to reach the best possible outcome for the patient. The Social Media Policy (2008) provides a framework for nursing professionals to…show more content…
(Berman, A.,etc 2010) Patients in medical settings are normally in a very vulnerable situation and the medical personnel have a responsibility to ensure that the position of power that they have been entrusted with is not abused and the care recipient is made to feel as comfortable and as supported as possible while receiving the care that they require.( McMurray, A., & Clendon, J. (2010). Personal boundaries must be tightly adhered to and a high level of professionalism must be displayed at all times by the nursing personnel on duty regarding the patient and their family. Maintaining a professional distance and not becoming overly involved is essential in maintaining the therapeutic relationship that assists in the healing process for the patient. The nursing staff in a medical setting have a responsibility to not misuse the power that they have been given by crossing boundaries such as inappropriate relationships with a person or a family member of the person in their care. This is taken very seriously and can lead to misconduct in the workplace (Daly, J., etc 2009). This is opposite to the motion of under involvement by the nurse in care situations. Under involvement is when the nurse does not do enough in relation to the care and can be considered to be neglectful leading to the lack of necessary treatment for the care recipient. Nurses are required to provide adequate and detailed documentation regarding the care that they have provided to a
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