The Nursing Field

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The medical field is a fast growing field with new technologies and discoveries being made every day. Nurses play a huge roll in patient care in hospitals, doctor’s offices, hospice, and many other settings. The concept of nursing is believed to have begun in the early 300 A.D. in Rome; although, the title wasn’t considered an official position until the 1850’s (Nursing, 2016). Today the field has grown to almost 3 million registered nurses in the United States. In the 1850’s, a woman named Florence Nightingale not only reformed nursing as it existed in that time, but also laid the foundation for the profession (Egenes, 2009). Nightingale had become horrified at the death tolls and number of sick British soldiers reported for the Crimean War. Florence used her political influence to obtain permission for her and a group of women to travel, in order to provide care for the soldiers. Upon arrival, the band of nurses used Ms. Nightingale’s knowledge of nursing to sanitize and surgically prep not only the hospital but also the …show more content…

For many reasons, the employment of registered nurses is projected to grow much faster that the average for many occupations, a predicted increase of 16 percent within the next ten years (United States Department of Labor, 2015). The number of people who will have access to health insurance is expected to also increase due to the federal health insurance reform; thus, leaving more patients to care for. More nurses will be needed to care for patients in offices of physicians, clinics, and other ambulatory care settings. Nursing is a career path that offers a wide array of opportunities in the medical field, from hospitals to home health care. This field also gives opportunity to grow and expand education with all the new discoveries being made in medications, new machinery, and patient health. This is a respectable occupation to choose with plenty of openings, descent wages, and career

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