Essay on The Nursing Profession in the 1900's

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The Nursing profession has changed dramatically over the years. Being a Nurse in the 1900s as compared to being a nurse today is a lot different. Those people who wanted to become nurses had to get their education from the hospital operating room; as compared today where Nursing students get high quality education from Universities, Private Colleges, Community Colleges, Hospitals, and many other different communities that offer nursing education. Nurses back then were also not able to use advanced medical equipments since health care technology has advanced in many different aspect of the nursing profession. Back in the 1900s, the duties and working environment of Nurses were much different. They mainly performed…show more content…
Majority of nurses still works at hospitals and many work at skilled nursing facilities, Acute care facilities, Rehabilitation center, psychiatric facilities, schools, and many other communities and organization in need of a caring, responsible, and compassionate nurse. Nursing now has more task and duties compare to nurses during the 1900s. Not only because nursing has become a profession, but also because the whole health care has evolved through the years. The demand for the nursing profession has also escalated through out the years, more and more people are becoming interested in pursuing a career in nursing because of the shortage of nurses. Older Nurses that worked during the past years are retiring, getting sick, or are no longer physically fit to perform nursing duties. Also the population of elders or seniors continue to increase over time who are getting sicker, being hospitalized, and getting admitted to nursing care facilities. Different health care services are also starting to operate which nursing is a big part of their team. One that I think is the a really important nursing service is Hospice care because as a nurse taking care of a terminally ill patient, you're not only there for the patient, but also to give support to their family who is the most in pain during a very emotional trial in their life. During the end of the war, nurses also worked at military hospitals to support the war
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