The Ocean Is Still One Of The Least Discovered Spaces On

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The Ocean is still one of the least discovered spaces on Earth. Even though technology has evolved vastly and humans have spent much of their time discovering the depth of the sea, many areas are still widely unknown. The Great White Shark (Carcharodon Carcharias) is one of the mysteries that has raised curiosity among humans for decades. The animal has been labeled as a monster by some and a beauty by others. It has been featured as the villain in Jaws, Sharknado and other bloody thrillers, scaring millions of people out of the oceans for years. The sea creature travels extensively making good research expensive and hard to come by. Thankfully, improved technology has enabled researchers to put a renewed focus on the predator. Tagging …show more content…

Marine Biologists Michael L. Domeier and Nicole Nasby Lucas (2008) observed a sample of 56 sharks that travelled distances as far as 4000km from the island of Guadalupe to the western islands of Hawaii. Their research suggests that great whites are creatures of habit and visit the same feeding grounds every one or two years. The animal spends an extended amount of time around Guadalupe Island between July and January, which happens to be the breeding season of elephant and fur seals. Sharks follow a set travel pattern which indicates that they are aware of their prey’s breeding patterns. The animals have not changed their routes to include heavily populated beaches, located along their travel routes, which indicates that humans are of no interest to the predator. On the other hand, Marine Biologists Ryan Johnson and Alison Kock (2006) observed a group of test subjects leading to a more alerting outcome. According to their findings, “white sharks travel between cage diving sites at Mossel Bay, Gansbaai and False Bay.” (p. 40) The scientists estimate that “at least 5 to 13 percent of sharks travel between cage diving sites on a yearly basis.”(p. 43) This direct change in travel behavior suggests that something in the water attracted sharks to the point where their natural behavior, travel pattern was suppressed. It is unclear what the exact reasons for the change

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