The Odyssey : An Epic Tale Of One Man 's Expedition For Nostos

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The Odyssey, is known as an epic tale of one man’s expedition for nostos. In the beginning of Homer’s Odyssey, it is evident Telemakhos has not yet matured to manhood despite his age; throughout the first four books, known as the telemachy, he goes through a journey in which he develops and ultimately helps with Odysseus’ nostos. Athena has an important role in Telemakhos’ growth to manhood. It is Athena who encourages Telemakhos to go on a quest to find his father. Within this quest Telemakhos matures into adulthood. Telemakhos also learns a lot about himself that helps him with his maturation. Telemakhos is known as the prince of Itakha, he is always being catered to. It is within this journey that Telemakhos learns how to take care of himself. He develops some important characteristics that help prove his parentage ties with Odysseus. (should I add quote where he doubts him being Odysseus son?) Athena the goddess of wisdom and military victory plays a major role in Telemakhos’ growth to a man. Before meeting with Athena, Telemakhos is detached from everyone and everything. “… was sitting there unhappy among the suitors a boy, daydreaming.” (Book I, lines 144-145) Telemakhos allows the suitors to do anything they please and does not say his distress. Then Athena comes to Odysseus’ home disguised as Mentês, the son of Ankhíalos, and urges Telemakhos to stand up to the suitors that have invaded his home. He is told how to get the suitors to go to their own homes: “… If I

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