The Odyssey And Wonder Woman

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Representation of Women
In the book The Odyssey and the movie Wonder Woman there are different portrayals and viewpoints on how women are treated and represented in their society. In The Odyssey women are seen as either a Goddess, wife, mother, or seductress. They are characterized as weak and dependent on men. All of the women in the book are seen either helping or delaying Odysseus journey back home to Ithaca. In Wonder Woman women are characterized as strong and independant. There is an island called Themyscira that is inhabited by female warriors called amazons. These two works have similar yet different viewpoints on women and their roles in society.
In both The Odyssey and Wonder Woman there are Goddesses. We have Athena, Goddess of Wisdom and warfare in, The Odyssey, and Diana, the princess of Themyscira, in Wonder Woman. Throughout the book Athena is a strong warrior, but the only times she is mentioned is when she is helping Odysseus. At the beginning of the book Athena is seen persuading the other Gods to let Odysseus travel back home, and for the rest of the book she is helping his son, Telemachus, and Odysseus himself. Athena goes to Odysseus house disguised as a man to help his son take back control of the house from all of the suitors wanting to marry his mother. Athena also helps Odysseus “plot the slaughter of the suitors” (Homer 315). Without Athena’s help it is likely that Odysseus would have never made it back home safely to his wife and son. Athena

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