The Old Testament Of The Bible

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Dating back to biblical times, criminological behavior has always been part of humanity. The old testament in Christian bibles is a book composed of stories and recollections dating to an era before the existence of Christ. Though the bible does not include words such as “suspect, crime, criminal, or victim” there are concepts and descriptions used to describe such a person or behaviors. As the human race develops through time, advancements in criminology emerge and a better understanding of victims comes to life. Today, there are many different fields of study that relate to victimology and many disciplines are working together to better understand and explain why certain crimes happen to certain individuals. One of the first cases of murder is found in the old testament of the bible. In the book of Genesis, brothers Cain and Abel, who are children of Adam and Eve, came together to make an offering to God. At the time Cain was a farmer and his younger brother was a shepherd. Unfortunately, God was not satisfied with Cain’s offering and this infuriated him. Out of jealously and anger, Cain murdered his brother while they were out in a field far away from home. This was one of the earliest recordings of “premeditated” murder since Cain intentionally murdered his brother with forethought and planning. After murdering his brother, Cain denied any wrongdoing and consequently his denial was countered by God. Further, God exiled Cain and thus the matchup between shepherd and

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