The Bible : The King James Version Of The Bible

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English IV
Jacob Taylor
Mr. Surratt
November 16, 2017 Abstract

The King James version of the Bible affected many things and had a major impact on society and the English language. It was created by King James to benefit and fill a request given by the puritans to King James. It took seven years to write and it became the English standard version of the Bible. The King James version includes a lot of formal and poetic language to describe stories and events in the other versions of the Bible. It taught the Bible in a different way making it easier for some people to understand and believe in the stories and truths of the Bible. This version is the most influential version of the Bible. It is also the most referred too and the most popular for many groups of people. Overall it is a descriptive and creative translation that combines truth with poetic art and beautiful language appealing to many different groups of people.
The History of the King James Bible
The Birth of the King James Bible started a new era and a new way of thinking which greatly impacted many things people do. Anyone picking up the Bible for the first time, or skimming through its contents, is likely to be confused by the variety and often the diversity of the individual books that make it up (Rather, 2009, 11). The King James version of the Bible is sometimes confusing but it greatly impacted many aspects of life and affected many things we do and say today. People adopted many things from this version
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