The Olympics To Return: A Rich History Of Ancient Greece

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“Although the ancient Games were staged … from 776 BC through 393 AD, it took 1503 years for the Olympics to return” (“The Games”). The Olympic Games were very important to the Greeks just like the Games are a huge spectacle for the world now. The Games were always important to the Greeks but it took a while for modern people to warm up to the idea. Once they warmed up to the idea of the Olympics they took off with it and it is now a global spectacle. The Olympics have a rich history, significant purpose, and has evolved over time. The history of the Olympics starts out murky but onces the Games pick up popularity the history becomes set in stone. No one for sure knows how the Olympics started. Some say that Zeus started the Games to celebrate…show more content…
No one ever really lived there because it was honorary. People went there to worship mainly Zeus but the worshipped some of the other gods. Olympia is the origin for the name of the Olympics. The Olympics were dedicated to the gods. Even the name came for the place of the gods. Also, the Olympics were important for the military. A lot of the athletes were from the military or were training and keeping in shape for the military. All of the athletes had trainers that knew what diet, what exercises to do to increase their muscles in certain areas, and just how much exercise they needed. The trainers took care of the athletes and deserved credit for the athletes success. The trainers did get some recognition if their athlete did good in the Games. When the athlete did good in the Games they would dedicate a statue to the trainer. Finally, the Games were so important that truces were called. “The Olympic Games were so important that a truce was declared in any wars between the states, so that people could travel to the Games without being attacked or captured. Anyone who broke that truce had to pay a fine” (Hunter, 6).” The Games were so important that all of the wars and fighting were set aside and everyone joined together to celebrate the…show more content…
They both have traditions. On the first day of the Olympics the ancient Greeks always sacrificed things to the gods. The modern Olympics have traditions as well. An example is when the athletes win gold they bite their metal or when they play the winners national anthem.
“The Hellanodikai also gave out the victory crown (Kotinos) of wild olive leaves and an olive branch cut from the sacred tree (Kallistephanos) to each event winner … Another prize could be a red woollen ribbon which was worn on the upper arm or around the head … However, the real prize for the athletes was glory, fame and, in a real sense, historical immorality” (Cartwright).
Even in the ancient Olympics the athletes got prizes. The prizes are not the same, but the best athletes got prizes for their triumph. Also, the athletes got glory and fame. The modern athletes bring glory and fame to themselves and their country. Finally, there are symbols that represent the Olympics. There is the iconic flag and rings. The flag and rings are only a part of the modern
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