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ws over Coffee at Starbucks World views do not arise from a lot of propositions, but rather emerge like a narrative. “That makes us individuality and provides a theoretical account for our convictions which serve as the foundation for our ethics and values”. (Wilkens, S. and M. Sanford 2009) “What we truly think is not always congruent with what we suppose we believe or think we desire to think”. (Wilkens, S. and M. Sanford 2009) Confessional beliefs are frequently at the intellectual level while conventional beliefs are reflected in our activities. “It is important to integrate what we suppose we believe and what we really get along. The only way this is possible is if we live reflectively, and look at our ideas and our actions and make sure they line up together, many of our conventional beliefs work on the subconscious layer. We may not be aware of them, but they are our true convictions. Individualism The soul is the primary reality and one’s lifestyle should be centered in oneself. When you buy into individualism you serve as your own moral scruples. You are more likely to justify your means for your conclusions. If you believe it is immoral for others to impose their standards on you. You become the authority on what is proper and wrong for yourself. Freedom and fulfillment are our rights. The priority of personal freedom guts traditional virtues of prudence, courage, temperance and justice. Your worth is defined by what you accomplish.

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