Starbucks 's Second Wave Coffee Essay

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According to Kale (2015), Starbucks is viewed as a representative brand of “second wave coffee,” which distinguishes itself from its primary competitors in the United States based on quality, taste, and customer experience in addition to popularizing their coffee quality. Since the early 2000s, the makers of third wave coffee target the drinkers by providing quality coffee using lighter roasted coffee beans. Currently, Starbucks employs technology in preparing their coffee
STRATEGIC PLAN 3 products, for example, automatic espresso machines for purposes of safety and efficiency
(Kanopy, 2016).
Starbucks stores worldwide serve whole-bean coffee products, hot and cold coffee, espresso, VIA (micro ground instant coffee), Teavana tea products, Caffe Latte, Frappuccino beverages, Evolution Fresh juices, La Boulange pastries, and non-coffee products like snacks
(crackers and chips). Also, many Starbucks stores in the USA sell pre-packaged food items, drinkware (tumblers and mugs) and sandwiches. Other locations such as “Starbucks Evenings” sell wine, appetizers, and beer. Again, Starbucks grocery stores sell bottled coffee, ice cream, and company-branded coffee (Kanopy, 2016). In 2014, the coffee company announced that it is going to start producing Fizzio (handcrafted sodas) and coconut milk.
Starbucks’ Major Competitors
In recent years, Starbucks has battled with its competitors for a share of a global market as the undisputed maker of quality coffee. The customers’ preference
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