The On The Advertising Industry

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The advertising industry is used to promote goods, services, images and anything else that companies want to advertise. Many companies compete against each other to get the customer’s attention and are willing to pay millions in order to get it. Adverting has become impossible to ignore because it doesn’t matter if you are browsing the web, watching your favorite TV show, or if you are at any social place, you will be surrounded by advertising. Eugene Secunda, former executive J. Walter Thomson states that “once your in the game you can’t stop, if for no other reason than the competition will eat you alive” (The Persuaders). Secunda statement is true and that is why many companies are using the internet as a technique to get to customers since the majority of people spend hours in the internet checking their social media like facebook, twitter, and email. That is one of the best opportunities that companies have and take advantage of it to advertise their products with ads on the bottom and top of the page. Also when you go to a specific webpage there is ads on the corners and center of the screen advertising insurances, special diet pills, games, etc. Another way that companies get to customers thru the internet is by YouTube, thousands of people go to YouTube to watch any type of videos like, music videos others watch educational videos because they want to learn something new, or watch an episode of a program that they miss on TV. When you’re watching that video on…
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