The Options Between Kindness And Intelligence Essay

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When comparing the options between kindness and intelligence in children, one would see that there are many benefits and drawbacks to either option. One can see that there is happiness within the kind child and assumes that their life would be easier than that of the intelligent child, though logic dictates that the intelligent child would experience more benefits than that of the kind child. Even though stress can weaken the body and make it easier for a disease to be established, intelligent children have more benefits than kind children because social skills and emotional intelligence are established throughout the child 's lifespan, creating a well-rounded human being. Frankly, raising a kind child will come with many disadvantages. They seem innocent, and most likely naive which makes them a target. Smart children will know what people are capable of and what would happen to them if they are too kind to others. Smart children understand the cruel people in this world which is why they do not give out help as easily. They were introduced to the knowledge of what danger lurks in the outside world. Kindness is seen as a weakness which puts them in a vulnerable position, making them a target. Government officials speak of the sexual predators and the serial killers that are waiting to snatch children. When adults leave children uneducated about matters such as these, the children are in a vulnerable position. If the children are educated about this matter, then they are
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