The Other Woman by Sherwood Anderson

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How does one know one is truly in love with another person? In the short story, “The Other Woman” by Sherwood Anderson, a man expresses his thoughts of the week before getting married to the narrator. In this week the man has been promoted for a position in government and been recognized for his poetry writing. Therefore, has been receiving a lot of recognition from people. With many different types of emotions happening at once in a week the man encounters with another woman. As the man is trying to tell his thought of what happened to him that week, one can see how the man is having trouble expressing himself. By Anderson portraying this man’s thoughts in an unorganized matter he is illustrating the confusion of the man’s feelings towards his fiancée. With the promotion and recognition for his poetry the man has been undergoing a lot of emotions. The narrator says, “He felt like one floating in air. When he got into bed after seeing so many people and hearing so many words of praise his head whirled round and round. When he closed his eyes a crowd of people invaded his room. It seemed as though the minds of all the people of his city were centred on himself. The most absurd fancies took possession of him.” The man was clearly not being his self that week. There were many emotions going through him that had him was feeling confused. He had been around so many people that he felt as if their ideologies and values were placed onto him. This passage clearly states that

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