The Pain And Joy Of Becoming A Mother. Life Experiences

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The Pain and Joy of Becoming a Mother
Life experiences pose obstacles that are both challenging and rewarding, sometimes offering mixed and conflicted feelings throughout the experience. Becoming a parent is one of those life experiences that many people will face in their lifetime, and there are as many difficulties as there are rewards. We will explore my journey to motherhood and the challenges and lessons I learned pre and postpartum.

Life experiences can be challenging and difficult while also beautiful and rewarding. One of the most difficult experiences that I have ever faced was my journey to motherhood. While every day is a new learning experience, testing my patience and sanity, having my daughter and learning …show more content…

Brian was different from anyone I have ever dated. He knew how to court, be a gentleman, and exhibited the love and compassion that I saw my parents share, and their parents, too. I always knew there was something special about him. But amongst all the exceptional qualities he had, being a father was something he excelled at. He was nurturing, thoughtful, and purposeful with Sabrina, and I could not wait until we had our own child.
Fast forward to three years later. I had just finished practical nursing school and secured my first job as a nurse. We were engaged, and together, we decided that we would try for our first child. Sabrina, who had been longing for a sibling, hoped for a little sister, and we were more than happy to oblige. Within a month of trying to conceive, we were pregnant with our first child.
The first three months of pregnancy were blissful. We were relieved to make it out of the “danger zone” of pregnancy, finally able to tell our family and friends that we were expecting, and were coming to terms with the fact that we would be welcoming a new baby in June of 2013. I was elated to be symptom free. There was no nausea, no vomiting, no food aversions, and other than an annoyingly keen nose, everything was perfect. That was until we went to the doctor and discovered our baby had no heartbeat. I was crushed, defeated, and was battling to keep my sanity every day. I mourned that

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