The Passing By Nella Larson

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The epigram serves a dual purpose in the novel passing by Nella Larson. Primarily, the epigram wafts over a seductive invitation into the theme and struggling conflict our main characters, Clare and Irene, harvest. The duality of the eloquently explained concept and inevitable conflict of the double consciousness of “black people” by W.E.B Dubois speak to the diaspora of both the epigram and the novel. The novel draws the question of the characterization of blackness, and produces further conflict with questioning the feasibility of defining a social construct that is now “one three centuries removed “from the identification of African diaspora and familiar “spicy groves and cinnamon tree. Secondly, the epigram also serves as a passage in the question of “passing.” The significant damage orchestrated by European colonizers during the rapid consumption of Africans and their natural resources as is often depicted by them as a “passing” voyage for the purpose of exploration and trade. This devastation and its sequential everlasting effects are glazed through in much muted, that continues to present as a conflict in our current turbulent social, economic, and psychoanalytic climate. With the brief but powerful and mysterious allurement of Countee Cullen epigram, Nella Larson welcome readers into answering, these questions the epigram attracts.
Since the era of slavery in the united stated being black has been stigmatized. Blackness brought pain, suffering, subordination and the…
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