The Patricians And Pleminian Classes In The Roman Republic

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The Patricians and Plebeian Classes together made up the Roman Republic. To no surprise, they were not entirely treated the same. They did not share equal rights, although both had some rights, unlike slaves. They differed economically and politically. And ultimately, this all led to what would become a plebeian revolt within Rome.
in Ancient Rome, the patricians were “the rich landowners that typically had a house in the city and a villa in the country run by slaves "Rymer, 2014).” They were the noblemen, the aristocrats, and the upper-class ruling class. on the other hand, there was the plebeian class. These men were free Romans and were the commoners. it should be noted that many plebeians were in fact very wealthy. but they were the ordinary citizens that were not considered elite and were those of any tribe without advisers to the King. These were the workers, the farmers, builders, merchants, artisans, etc.

In the Roman Empire, there was a power struggle going on. And the Roman populous was fed up with their tyrant kings. During the time when they were overthrowing the kings, such as Brutus, they began to make new laws and make many political changes such as the Valerian laws, condemning anyone claiming to be king as a traitor, the formation of three voting assemblies, etc. but backtracking, in order to overthrow the kings, the patricians and plebeians united in their efforts to rid of them. Unfortunately, upon the overthrow of the kingship and

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