The Pax Roman An Unprecedented Time Of History

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For Rome the “Pax Romana” was an unprecedented time in history. For once there was relative peace in the empire, for the rich at least. While there was peace from enemy invaders there was internal conflict where the poor were being brutalized by the government and the rich, making Rome a hotbed for political activity. Jesus Christ did not set out to create a new religion, or to even challenge Roman authority but that is what he did and for that he was executed. Jesus ' execution inadvertently created the branch of religion we know as Christianity which would be Rome 's greatest internal threat. At the time of Jesus ' birth Rome was going through a time of great peace called the “Pax Romana”, or “Roman Peace.” This Pax Romana,…show more content…
This could explain why a man, Jesus, was feared when he started to challenge the status-quot. Jesus did not set out to create a new religion, he set out to fix what he saw wrong with Judaism at the time. Jesus moved his teachings from Herod 's land, who was a puppet of Rome, to Pontius Pilate 's lands, who was a direct Roman ruler, around the time of the Jewish holiday “Passover.” Religion and politics often intertwined under Rome which made Passover a very politically and religiously charged event; Jesus of Nazareth arrives to this event preaching of a coming “Kingdom of God” which was the equivalent of “shouting fire in a crowded room (Video Part I).” At this point, to most people, Jesus sounds like an Essen, one who preached of a “coming apocalypse,” and the crowd is understandably getting antsy. In addition to the preaching Jesus did, he also stormed into the Temple and overturned vendor 's tables, driving them out from the house of worship. Seeing that religion and politics were so closely intertwined, Pontius Pilate saw this as an attack aimed towards the Roman Empire, which was treason. Judaism was not an official state religion of Rome at the time so the Romans tolerated the Jews, they didn 't necessarily condone
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