The People And Planet Positive Strategy For 2020

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The People & Planet Positive strategy for 2020 (2012) focuses on inspiring and enabling people to live a more sustainable life at home, offering products and solutions that help customers to save money by using less energy and water, and reducing waste. Particularly, IKEA aims to reach the following environmental targets by 2020: • sourcing 100% of our wood, paper and cardboard from more sustainable sources • providing 90% of IKEA home furnishing products with documented environmental improvements, covering both resource use and product functionality according to our sustainability product scorecard. • producing as much renewable energy as IKEA consume in its operations. • evaluating the environmental impact of its products by using a tool - the 'e-Wheel ' in order to analyse the four stages within the life of a product. As previously mentioned, environmental sustainability needs to be practised in number of aspects, including considerations to manufacturing process, building, recycling programs, services and products and procurement policies. In practice, to ensure manufacturing process is sustainable, IKEA have applied a number of actions to achieve results such as: • Participating in the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) to promote the responsible management of the global forests (IKEA, 2015b). By being a member of FSC, IKEA aims to source all wood from forest certified as responsible managed. • Dealing with foresters to ensure that all wood is sourced in compliance

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