The Perfect Cupcake: Baked with Chocolate, Sugar and Love

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The perfect cupcake can make anything happen, it can make you believe in things you thought impossible, make your disappointing day seem that much brighter, and I believe it can even make you fall in love. I have chosen to make this cupcake for someone very dear to me, truly my best friend and hopefully someday quite a bit more. His name is Hunter and he has truly changed my semester from dull to incredible. His blue eyes and cheerful smile lights up my day and the amount of laughter we share is beyond what I thought possible. Slowly and surely I have fallen in love with him from the very first day we met. He was standing across the class room orchestrating where everyone should sit since we were supposed to be in alphabetical order, his last name of course was the same initial as mine and we ended up sitting together. I liked him then but simply as a friend. I did not grow to love him until we were put in a group project together and through conversation and laughing a lot I grew to understand his personality and find out we had far more in common than I would have thought. The end of the semester is coming up and I do not want us to part ways without him understanding how I feel about him. Making food for someone has always been my family’s way of showing love and hopefully in addition to this cupcake I will have the guts to tell him how I feel. Making the perfect cupcake is not difficult, it simply requires time, a pinch of love, and a certain devotion to the person you

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