The Performance Of An Organization

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The performance of an organization is dependent on the decision made within the organization and beyond. In recent months, the United States has seen the enactment of several Executive Orders by the newly elected President Donald Trump. The impact that these orders possess is far reaching with the possibility of influencing the salary systems.
Executive Order
President Donald Trump’s Executive Order on Immigration is one that has elicited mixed reactions with many people taking part in street protests and online campaigns against the president and his leadership style. Primarily, the executive order provides that people from other countries are welcome into the country, but after thorough vetting. The executive order goes …show more content…

It is apparent that different parts of the organization have and require different types of resources. The company takes active steps towards aligning these resources with the set company objectives. The second step involves empowering the employees through refined objectives that align with the work force and the performance expectations (Martocchio, 2013). The third step involves developing a performance-based reward system. This is followed by the development of a real-time information system that monitors employee performance and compares the performance against the organization’s objectives (Martocchio, 2013). Moreover, the organization optimizes its link by employing analytics to identify areas that can be improved upon.
Steps and Means of Connecting Pay for Performance
Linking pay to performance involves twelve critical steps. The first step involves succinctly defining the organization’s strategic objective. The second step involves establishing the structure and size of the resources in the organization. Thirdly, the resources are then linked to the objectives and budgets. Fourthly, the objectives are shared with the workforce while the fifth step involves aligning the workforce with the work. The sixth step entails setting production quotas for employees while the seventh and eighth step involves performance review and competencies and training respectively (Martocchio, 2013). The ninth step

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