The Permissable Nature of Cloning Illustrated in Jennifer and Rachel by ” Lee M. Silver

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In “Jennifer and Rachel,” Lee M. Silver argues that reproductive cloning deems permissible to those who encourage it, as opposed to those who reject it and don’t want to run the risk of how they’ll look in the eyes of society. Jennifer, an independent career driven woman, believes that the best way to have a baby of her own at her age is by cloning. Silver’s description of the cloning procedure is done by retrieving cells from the willing adult; prepare the cells for merging to unfertilized eggs, and then the embryos that develop successfully will be introduced to the uterus of the willing adult. Jennifer partakes in the cloning procedure and it was successful. Nine months later on March 15, 2050, Rachel was born. Silver believes …show more content…

They aren’t the ones that control cloning. Silver believes that cloning will be available in one place, if banned in another place. Thus, international borders will definitely not inhibit the various reproductive practices of individuals and couples. In today’s society, people have the right to whether or not they want to reproduce. The actions partaken in, in order to reproduce is also a right earned. Silver states that once human cloning was introduced, it then opened up new perspectives of the entire reproductive choice. Silver clarifies that over time, reproductive choice has been interpreted to mean that people have the right to be or not to be genetic parents. Silver thinks that relatively few people will want to raise clones of famous, talented individuals because what most people want more than anything is to have their own child. Cloned children, like many other children, will be pushed into a certain direction against their will by their parents. However, clones don’t have the same motivation to apply themselves to tasks given to them. On the contrary, there will be those who will want to clone just for the opportunity to raise a child who has a high rate of being gorgeous and smart, without the longing to profit from their child’s looks and brains themselves.

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