The Personality And Values Of Employing For A Job

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Things to do first when applying for a Job As I look back now at all the times I applied for certain jobs, I see all of the mistakes that I had made throughout the process. For example, having not decided or researched on the job which I was applying for were a big key in me not getting the job. So there are several things you should do when applying for a job. Having an idea of your desires of a certain job and the field you are comfortable with is a step in the right direction when you apply for a job. Take into consideration of your skills and the skills required for the job you are applying for. Also consider the salary you will be making and will it support all of your needs, along with is this job worthwhile. At the same time do a…show more content…
It’s good to get a second or third opinion about your resume and cover letter. Get someone to read over them for you and if they are in the same field you are applying for will be a great help. Finally, locate yourself some references and they should be someone whom you have worked for and can speak about your job performance. Even though you may get references try to have one or two that can be considered a professional reference. It would be wise to have updated contact information on your references far as their mailing address, phone numbers, current title, and company. Then after fine-tuning your resume and cover letter, you can begin your application process. There are several ways to submit your application, in person, online, in person and by mail. By submitting in person it gives you and the hiring manager facetime. Besides just bringing your resume in consider presenting yourself professionally and dress professionally. Online delivery varies because you may be asked to submit your resume and cover letter on PDFs and not attached to the HR managers. And if you are asked to submit your documents by mail, include the HR managers on all of your correspondences. Later check on the status of your application to ensure that all materials you submitted had made it to the right person. A few more things to take in consideration is to pay attention to the close date of the job if you make a call to the hiring manager or HR manager communicate to them in a
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