The Persuaders Research Paper

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The Persuaders vie for the attention of a gorgeous soap heiress who has fallen for the slippery charms of a deceiving con man, but in the end, who can really say that the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow isn’t an illusion after all?

26-year-old Shelley Masterton, the soap heiress to the enormous inheritance of $30 million, not only has she got the money but she has also got the looks to be a woman of desire, attention, and of course, envy.
When in sunny Spain, Brett and Danny meet with Shelley’s worried financial adviser John Hatton who informs them that unfortunately, the young woman has fallen for the slippery charms of Carl Foster, a deceiving and sly con man, who in turn, is supported by the infamous mobster, “Buffalo Bill” Coady.
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