The Persuasive Essay On Euthanasia

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Every individual, in America has the right to die with comfort and dignity, Euthanasia should be a guaranteed right. Right next to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness it should then read the right to die. It gives those with illness,chronic pain, and even metal illness a way of choosing when enough is enough. It is their life, and no one else should get a say when it comes to the ending of it. No on else gets an opinion on how someone chooses to end their life. No government agency, doctor, or even family get a say.

100 million Americans suffer with chronic pain. The annual economic cost of chronic pain in the United states is at least 540-635 billion. (1) These people can't even live a normal life. The only way for many individuals to even get out of bed is by taking high doses of narcotic pain revilers, which come with loads of side effects, If these people were allowed to make a legal choice of euthanasia they would be saved from years of suffering , and the horrible side effects of narcotics. The drugs wouldn't be able to eliminate their pain either, just a way to manage it, but over time it will become less effective. No on wants to live in agonizing pain, and it should be left up to the individual to say when enough is enough.

A large group of individuals interested in euthanasia is that of people with lifelong incurable illnesses, and those with terminal illness. Terminal illness defined by Websters dictionary is “having disease that cannot

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