The Phenomenon of Compelled Migration Essay examples

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Environmental migrants. A way to recognition.
At present the problems connected with ecological and natural disasters and accidents become more and more relevant and actual. A natural disaster can negatively influence all the spheres of human life. The phenomenon of compelled migration is one of the main effects of such a bad impact.
The problems connected with deterioration of environment are complicated and differ greatly from the problems we used to solve. When we speak about the solution of a problem, we mean a certain act. But, vice versa, to solve a number of environmental problems it is necessary to refuse of some actions. To some extent it means that we should choose a policy of inactivity. But that’s only one side of the coin. …show more content…

Kiribati was expected to lose almost all its land territory because of global climate change. Today Banaba is a kind of a naked rock.
Also there are some well-known cases of compelled resettlement of people in Asia: from Kara-Kalpak to Kazakhstan , internal migration in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. Moreover, in Bangladesh, about 17 million people have fled their homes because of environmental disasters. In Central Africa about 10 million people from several countries had to move because of droughts and famines. In the Philippines, 4 million people moved from lowlands to highlands as a result of deforestation. Of course, such facts demand the differentiated approach. At present there is no international document which unambiguously would define the position of people who have got in such a situation as above mentioned citizens , but because of increasing quantity of natural disasters, the question about introducing such a term as "the ecological refugee" or "the ecological migrant" has been discussed for years.
Some scholars argue for a refugee definition based in international human rights law rather than immigration law. Others say that the implementation of such a definition as ‘Environmental Refugees’ need the cooperation between at least two branches of international law: the environmental and public

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